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Vartus is an easy-to-use online tool that helps anyone, home owners, potential renters, buyers and real estate professionals, get an accurate real estate market price estimate

Vartus participates in the annual LANÄŞDA conference and talks about artificial intelligence opportunities in real estate data processing

04 April, 2018

On 23rd March we were invited to participate in the Latvian Real Estate Association (LANĪDA) conference “How Will the Real Estate Market Develop in Latvia?”. Vartus was represented by the company's co-founder Oskars Gavriševs, who introduced the participants with latest innovations in the real estate market, talking about the artificial intelligence and the ways it can be used to process the real estate data. Conference is quite popular among the market professionals. Each year around 200-250 participants attend the event - brokerage companies, real estate developers…

You can now view property history on Vartus!

02 April, 2018

Good news, everyone! We have made improvements to Vartus that now allows you to see the whole history of the property you're interested in. How does it work? You enter the address of the apartment on the fields on Vartus' main page. When the results load, you'll see not only the current market value but, when scrolling down a little, a list of the transactions with that particular property will show up. We believe this will help both homeowners and those interested in renting or buying a place to make their choice. Homeowners will be able to track the value of their…

How does works with data from the public registry?

02 March, 2018 generates sales estimates by applying machine learning algorithms to the public registry database for the first time in Latvia. The system “learns” how the location and characteristics of a given apartment contribute to its market value. Based on this learning is able to produce an estimate for any property. The precision of the model relies on the quality of the data in the public registry. We have received feedback from some of our most dedicated users that relying on the public registry transaction prices might not be entirely appropriate. The main…

Did you know you Vartus can help you find out how much you could rent your apartment for?

28 February, 2018

Have a look at this video and learn how!

How to discover the value of an apartment using Vartus?

02 February, 2018

We've made a simple video to show you how to use Vartus. Watch it and share with anyone who might find it useful!

New versus old projects. Which one to choose?

25 January, 2018

Everyone who has ever been on a search for a property, knows the struggle of doing the market research, comparing the possible neighbourhoods, their pros and cons to make the right decision. However, not everyone has thought to use the big data to understand the approximate market value of the properties they're interested in. It's amazing how much information you can actually get online to fully understand which areas and house projects are more or less expensive and available, so our team created a few charts to show the current state of real estate market and give you an…

Vartus participates in the Startup Wise Guys accelerator in Riga

19 December, 2017

There are quite a few possibilities for startups to show off what they do and earn their place in the community. One of these opportunities is through business accelerators, such as Startup Wise Guys, which focuses specifically on the new B2B enterprises. This summer we were very lucky to get on their 9th accelerator programme along with 10 other companies from 8 countries. Getting there wasn’t easy, since we were competing along with 160 other startups from 25 countries. Various mentoring events and pitches were held until finally in August the results came in and Vartus…

People behind Vartus

10 December, 2017

None of the great things in the Universe would exist if it wouldn’t be for the people behind them. Vartus, the first independent home appraiser in Latvia, also wouldn’t exist if there wouldn’t have been a wonderful opportunity for its founders, Raul and Oskars, to meet. Raul comes from Southern Mexico. He has an undergraduate degree in the Industrial and Systems Engineering and Economics from Tec de Monterrey, in Mexico and a graduate degree in Economics from Harvard University, in the US. He has previously cofounded three successful companies and has been doing data…

How can you use Vartus estimates?

28 November, 2017

Whether you’ve already heard of Vartus or are seeing the website for the first time, we bet there’s one question you’ve asked yourself at least once, “How do I use this info?”. To clear things up for you, we’ve decided to explain how Vartus work and how can you use our estimates in more detail . First of all, you should know how do we come up with the property market estimates you get on Vartus. It’s simple - we take the data, like past transactions of similar properties within the area you’re interested in (about 150 m), from public listings, apply our special machine…


20 November, 2017

In the time where online research is the top choice when looking for any information, it’s more important than ever to know which sources are reliable. Especially if you’re looking for a new apartment or house. You should feel confident that you’re getting a valuable, up-to-date info, particularly if you’re planning to make a big purchase. That’s where Vartus comes in! The world real estate market has been changed completely by online marketplaces like Zillow in US, Booli in Sweden, Zoopla in UK. Now Vartus, the first online independent home appraiser in Latvia, has come…

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