How can you use Vartus estimates?

Whether you’ve already heard of Vartus or are seeing the website for the first time, we bet there’s one question you’ve asked yourself at least once, “How do I use this info?”. To clear things up for you, we’ve decided to explain how Vartus work and how can you use our estimates in more detail .

First of all, you should know how do we come up with the property market estimates you get on Vartus. It’s simple - we take the data, like past transactions of similar properties within the area you’re interested in (about 150 m), from public listings, apply our special machine learning algorithm and calculate the current market value of the property.


To get you the most precise estimates, Vartus uses the best data available. However, not all properties can be evaluated with the same degree of accuracy. Taking that into account, we’ve come up with a solution and provide a range of minimum and maximum price where the market value should lie. If we have enough data about similar transactions within the specific area, the estimate will be more precise than in the case when there will be no data on similar transactions made.

What you get from Vartus is a reference on what any given property could cost you to sell, rent or buy. Although, our estimates can’t be used as official data, as there are some subjective factors, for instance, is the property well lit, are the trees nearby and even the way you feel about it, in every property that can’t be captured by any data and require a more closer inspection. But, even considering these limitations, Vartus is the only independent source that provides unbiased estimates apart from the other players in the market like real estate agents, banks etc.

We have created Vartus to help homeowners, buyers and renters make better, more informed decisions regarding the real estate market. We believe that the information and data you’ll get from Vartus will allow you to manage your expectations about the value of the assets you’re interested in and ease the whole process of looking for the perfect property to live in.

We invite you to check out Vartus and provide your feedback by filling in a short survey to help us improve and grow!

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