Vartus participates in the Startup Wise Guys accelerator in Riga

There are quite a few possibilities for startups to show off what they do and earn their place in the community. One of these opportunities is through business accelerators, such as Startup Wise Guys, which focuses specifically on the new B2B enterprises. This summer we were very lucky to get on their 9th accelerator programme along with 10 other companies from 8 countries.

Getting there wasn’t easy, since we were competing along with 160 other startups from 25 countries. Various mentoring events and pitches were held until finally in August the results came in and Vartus was among the 11 companies to participate in the Startup Wise Guys accelerator in Riga.

Since then we’ve met amazing people from other companies, expanding our professional network, worked together with mentors from all across the world and polished our skills, gathered an amazing data set for real estate in Latvia and strengthened our way to appraise a property. We also received funding to keep developing Vartus and provide you, our users, with best and most accurate data possible.

“Joining Startup Wise Guys has been an amazing experience. We covered a lot of ground about all the important aspects of running a successful startup, and gained access to a network of extremely talented professionals and investors. But the most significant contribution for us, was to develop a general vision about the company, and a strategy to get us there,” tells Raul, our CEO.

We’re now at the final stage of the accelerator programme, getting ready to start growing in Latvia. Throughout the programme we’ve been exposed to potential investors, gained a valuable experience and are now ready to keep working to achieve our goal - earn the confidence of Latvian home owners, buyers and renters, and help them discover the true value of their properties.

If you’re among our first time visitors, please let us know by answering our super short survey about your experience of using Vartus and what other data we can provide you to make the tool even more useful!

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