Vartus participates in the annual LANĪDA conference and talks about artificial intelligence opportunities in real estate data processing

On 23rd March we were invited to participate in the Latvian Real Estate Association (LANĪDA) conference “How Will the Real Estate Market Develop in Latvia?”. Vartus was represented by the company's co-founder Oskars Gavriševs, who introduced the participants with latest innovations in the real estate market, talking about the artificial intelligence and the ways it can be used to process the real estate data.

Conference is quite popular among the market professionals. Each year around 200-250 participants attend the event - brokerage companies, real estate developers, appraisers, representatives from financial sector etc. Oskars explains that this was a very useful experience for Vartus, as he got an amazing opportunity to meet so many field professionals at once and introduce them with Vartus and show how the platform works.

The event gave us new knowledge and conclusions, as well as useful information and insights on this year's trends in real estate business in Latvia. Oskars thought that the presentation by Agris Gruzdas from Riga Brokerage Agency on IT payment options and blockchain technologies in real estate was the most interesting.

We'd like to say a big thanks to LANĪDA for a perfectly organized conference and a change to take part in it both as an attendee and a speaker. Looking forward to visit more events like this in the future!

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