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About us

Our homes are the most valuable possessions we have - both financially and emotionally. Year after year due to interior upgrades, furnishings and simply living your home value inevitably changes. Thanks to Vartus, the first independent home appraiser in Latvia, keeping track of the value of your house or apartment has neven been easier. Vartus is an easy-to-use online tool that helps anyone, home owners, potential renters, buyers and real estate professionals, get an accurate real estate market price estimate.

Vartus will formulate the real estate value with the help of it's unique algorithm that collects and analyzes years of transactional records from the Public Land Registry. All you need to do is fill in some basic information you have about the property and we'll tell you how much it's worth in seconds.

Vartus is free for everyone, and our appraisals are 100% independent, as we're not affiliated with any real estate interests. Our goal is to create awarness about the current situation in real estate market and to help Vartus users to find their dream home for the best value possible. Although we have a high degree of confidence in our methodology, please take into account that our estimates cannot be considered as offical data.

For now you can use Vartus to find out the estimate housing prices in Riga, but, as our algorithm learns, drawing in more transactional data and building its knowledge of housing market, we'll be able to offer real estate appraisal also in other regions of Latvia. We're also working to add more features to Vartus in the future, so we encourage and welcome your feedback about the current tool and features you'd like to see added. Write your thoughts and ideas in email or Facebook message and help us learn how to serve better Latvian homeoweners, buyers and sellers!